“You (Myung) are my secret weapon in my management scheme.”

20/04/09 Mr. Tyson

“You have a magic Touch always feel “Great” after treatment. Thank you.”

08/09/08 Mrs. D

“I attended a demonstration that Myung gave on Reflexology. During the evening I developed excruciating pain in both my feet (my toes were clenched with pain) due to my MS. Myung brought me forward and demonstrated using my shoulders and arms. The pain in my feet disappeared completely, I could not believe it, but during the session my toes relaxed, as seen by all the others in the room, and were completely pain free. At home I had the best night’s sleep that I have had in weeks and was not woken up with pain, as is normally the case. My feet were still pain free 3 days later. Thank you very much for the experience.”

10/08/07 Ms G

“I have felt generally overall my treatment has uplifted my mood. My physical state has improved dramatically and I have an improved understanding of my ailments and why they occur.

Dreaming less and dreams less upsetting.
Bloating lessened.
Itchy back but has lessened recently.
No problems with haemohoids in last few months.
less aches and pains throughout my body.
Headaches were my main physical ailment, have reduced dramatically.
Thought that water should be drank regularly and have realised the benefits.
Hot flushes rarely occur.
Circulation to extemities have improved.
My respiratoy system has improved with the deep breathing exercises.
Due to my physical state improving my mental health has also improved.
Depression has lifted most days.
My anxieties have lessened.”

Mrs. M

“No pains in feet or legs today. Tingly feeling in big toes. Felt a lot more energy in feet. Stains on feet and legs ( septicaema) have almost disappeared.

overall a lot more energy. Don’t have to sit down every 10 minutes when performing tasks. Skin looks healthier. Have now lost 7 pounds weight.(28/08/07)

On my first 2 treatment the obvious change was the depth of my feet lessened significantly on the first treatment but on the second one i was able to splay my toes which I have not done in 5 years since my coma.

My nose was running and I was sneezing a lot. Also my throat has been odd. swelling a right side gland. Slight discharge but that has now disappeared although gland still prominent.

On second treatment a real difference in my fatigue. Also hips are improved. I am managing to do more work before lowing to sit down. This was usually happened every 15 minutes but I am now managing half an hour.

I feel much more alive and also my appetite has changed very significantly. I now have only 3 meals a day ( no snacking) as before. But the crawings I usually had for some i.e cakes or biscuits has gone.

I have lost 3 pounds weight since last week.” (15/08/07)

Mrs. G

“I feel much more relaxed. Less bloating. No cough-no need for inhalers.

Improved skin-Psoriasis-using cream.

Less stress, No leg pain during treatment. Improved legs thigh overall I feel much better. well done Myung!(17/08/07)

Continued improvement. Less tired-more able to get up each morning. Not using inhalers for asthma. No phlegm in throat in the mornings.

Hearing greatly improved- can hear music now.” (31/08/07)

29/ 08/07 Mrs. M

“Treatment felt very relaxing, hit the right spot. I feel relaxed, tired but wonderful at the same time. Back feels eased too. A very nice experience.”

31/08/07 Mr. G


19/09/07 Ms G

“Very thorough assessment at the beginning. Lovely relaxing environment – Myung is very professional and friendly. “

19/09/07 Mrs P

“I felt a bit panicy when I first had to lay down on the couch but myung reassured me and made me feel very relaxed. I found the treatment very relaxing. I will come again when I am in Scotland.”

18/09/07 Mrs F

“Came to see Myung this evening , feeling very stressed, blocked nose. After treatment I feel more able to breathe and now feel very relaxed. What I feel is always amazing is that no matter where I have a small ache and pain. Myung finds it out and fixes it. “

20/ 08/ 07 Mrs. I

“Feel very relaxed after every session. Headaches have gone also digestive system better. Each session I feel better than before.”

Mrs. B

“A definite feeling of well-being came to me.(27/ 08/ 07)

Much improvement as the point were worked on. My back (lower lumbar) and left leg were sore but improved with treatment.

Very relaxing.

Thank you.” (05/ 09/ 07)

03/09/ 07 Ms M

“I found the treatment very interesting and relaxing + am planning future treatments.”

25/ 08/ 07 Ms J

“The treatment is very pleasant, relaxing and comforting. It helps my body feeling better. My rheumatism pain has gone in my hands and overall I feel much better.”

Ms W

“Wrist feels more mobile, tension in arms + shoulders is less.(27/ 08/ 07)

Tension in shoulder + forearm reduced. Joints feel more flexible + stiffness reduced. I will return for more treatment soon !” (20/08/07)

28/ 03/ 07 Ms U

“Overall, I find my treatment helps me a lot. I feel more relaxed and not so sore. also find my following myung’s instructions i.e. soaking my feet twice a day and to stay off alcohol helps.”

06/ 08/ 07 Mr. A

“100 % better in both legs and foot.”

11/08/07 Ms P

“Enjoyed the time. Relaxed me. I found out about areas I was not know about. It well help me to stop drinking such cold drinks and my late night cup of tea.

Although I have been woken up I feel lighter and generally soothed. It is a sense that I want to continue to try and help the problems that are making me feel drained and tired most of the time.”

16/ 08/07 Mrs. S

“After receiving a massage today, I feel relaxed and a lot less tense. The knots in my back have reduced a lot. I am very pleased with the treatment I have received.

I have also enjoyed Reiki in the past and found it very interesting. I definately felt better even just after my first treatment. I was recommended to see Myung from my husband who also received treatment fro neck problems and would recommend anyone with muscular pain to also have the treatment both myself and husband have received.”

24. 08. 07 Mrs. M

“Since coming for reflexology sessions I have felt generally better. Each session leaves me invigorated and I sleep well. Psoriasis shampoo has improved my skin complaint. Today my itching eyes have felt less sore after the sessions.”

03/09/07 Mrs. G

“Treatment has helped my lower back and sore shoulder/neck.”

05/09/07 Mrs. M

“My energy level has increased a lot. Able to do tasks I have not managed for 5 years. Feeling great-Lost another 2 pounds.”

Mrs. R

“Very relaxing treatment today. Felt thirsty. Did not feel as sore in some areas like last week, and has lessened very quickly to zero.(10/ 08/ 07)

Even more relaxing -felt very tired (pleasantly). Really interesting to feel the pain levels are much, much lower than before. was thirsty during treatment.(25/ 08/ 07)

Found myself slipping away into daydreams during treatment. Very pleasant.(01/09/07)

A Good session-very relaxed- as last week I found myself driffing away. Felt that there seemed to be fewer areas that were sensitive or rather reactive to touch.

(08/ 09/ 07)

08/08/07 Ms K

“When i first came to see Myung for massage, I was very depressed. I couldn’t deal with my speech therapies and my work. But I have come to realize how my body has been changed and is changing all the time during the whole treatment time since I came to see you.”